Special Notice Concerning Rent Payments

Please note Manchester City Council will be collecting your rent this year and future years. You will receive a rent demand in the post which you should pay as per the instructions in the demand. Please note that you must still sign your annual agreement and pay your membership, a...

Your Rent is Due

Please note all rents are due for your plot/s on 1st November 2017 The rents are being collected in the Hut on Sundays and for those who are unable to attend on a Sunday the Hut will be opened on Friday 24th November from 6pm for 1 hour and Saturday...

Council Allotment Competition

Our site will be judged on July 7th for the annual council allotment competition. The judge walks around the site and scores each plot for tidiness, variety and general appearance so it’s time to tidy and see if we can improve the status of our site this year. Can you...

Plot re-numbering continues – help needed

The renumbering of the plots has been started and is a work  in progress. If you can spare some time on a Monday,  Tuesday,  Friday or Saturday Harry would very much appreciate it: please let a committee member know.

Wet Plots

The problem with wet plots is being looked into. Some problems can be improved by digging your plot and using raised beds. There will be some advice issued for wet plots in the near future.